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Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR K1

Product SKU: FLIR-K1

To be used in conjunction with our Thermal Hood and Suit, FLIR K Series Thermal Imaging Cameras have been specifically designed for the fire fighting sector. As we all know, Fire Fighting and Rescue situations are stressful and dangerous – be prepared for what lies on the other side of the smoke with the FLIR K1 Thermal Imaging Camera – powerful extra knowledge in your hand.
The FLIR K1 is a rugged, compact thermal camera that serves as an extra set of eyes on the fire scene. This allows commanders, officers and inspectors to quickly complete a thorough 360° assessment in total darkness and through smoke. With a bright, integrated flashlight, the FLIR K1 illuminates the scene to help the user steer and manage the crew more effectively. It also displays 160 × 120 pixel thermal images that help users gain additional situation awareness that is not possible with the naked eye. The FLIR K1 is pocket-portable or attaches easily to a belt using the included pouch making it easy to have on-hand for investigations around buildings, industrial settings, traffic accidents, bushfire scenes, or search and rescue activities. It even has a built-in memory that records up to 10k sets of visual and radiometric thermal jpegs.
This impressive thermal imaging device can measure temperatures up to 400°C (752°F), can withstand operating temperatures up to 115°C (239°F) and has a 5.5 hour battery life. It is water-resistant and can even handle a drop of 2m onto hard concrete!

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Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR K1
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