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Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR K33

Product SKU: FLIR-K33

To be used in conjunction with our Thermal Hood and Suit.

The FLIR K33 is a robust and reliable infrared camera designed to perform under extremely severe Fire conditions. The FLIR K33 has an intuitive interface with a design that makes it easy to control even with a gloved hand.

FLIR now gives you new lower-cost, easier-to-use options without sacrificing the reliable clarity and performance that FLIR TICs are well-known for. The K33 features FLIR’s FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement that intensifies structural and textural details in thermal images.

The crisp and clear image helps you to navigate through smoke and to make quick and accurate decisions.

The ability to interpret temperature data in a variety of thermal color palettes allows for greater situational awareness and understanding. Information provided by thermal imaging can assist safer “Go/No Go” decision making and more precise stream placement, while simple concepts, such as recognizing the differences between high and low sensitivity modes, can be the difference between saving lives or making a costly mistake. With a FLIR K Series TIC in hand, it’s easier to make.

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Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR K33
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