Lifeguard Training

A selection of our Water Rescue dummies that can be used in the pool or in the surf.

You can download the Lifeguard Brochure here


Pool Rescue

Designed specifically to train Lifeguards in Pool Rescue

  • Very realistic bouyancy.
  • Improves towing techniques.
  • Two sizes, adult & youth.
  • Quick draining.
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Water Rescue - Man Overboard

Our best selling general purpose water rescue dummy.

  • Used for inshore and open water.
  • Doubles in weight when in the water.
  • Floats vertically or horizontally.
  • Carry bag is included.
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Conscious Casualty / Surf Life Saving IRB Training

Special design with linked arms to aid boat pickup

  • Used for inshore and open water.
  • Conscious casualty water rescue.
  • Designed for IRB Racing.
  • 20kg dry, 40kg wet.
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