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ALS Toddler Water Rescue

ADVANCED WATER RESCUE MANIKIN - TODDLER (Special order, please contact us for lead times.)

We are excited to release details of our collaboration with Lifecast Body Simulation to create a 'World-first' for water rescue training.

The Advanced Water Rescue Toddler manikin is designed to mimic a drowned person in the water and delivers realistic medical simulation training that prepares rescuers for the real world. No other rescue manikin provides this level of fidelity (Realism), with opportunities to practice rescue skills, coupled with the continuation of care to the Hospital and the Intensive Care Unit.

When in water, the hydrostatic squeeze (pressure of the water) closes a valve within the lung mechanics. Once rescued from the water, the mechanism releases, creating the movement of the lungs and chest. Submerging the manikin creates an amount of water in the oropharynx, the middle part of the throat behind the mouth, which can be removed using manual or suction methods. The drowning mechanism even allows for the manikin to create “foam” to replicate the noises and foaming commonly seen in drowning people. When people drown they can inhale about 30ml of water into the lungs, and the manikin is able to replicate this phenomenon, as well as allow for dry lung drownings. The manikin, which is patent-pending, has taken two years of research and development to perfect.

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    • Step wise airway management with Mouth, Upper Airway & Lungs enabling use of Bag Valve Mask, Supraglottic Airway and Endotracheal Tube.
    • CPR Compatible
    • Needle Decompression (Front)
    • Closed Eyelids with Manual Opening
    • Standard Weight 14Kg (approx.)
    • Premium Carry Bag 

    In addition to the Standard Specifications above, this special Water Rescue variant adds the following unique features:

    • Special modified Ruth Lee/Lifecast Toddler with Hydrostatic squeeze effect allowing for realistic simulated 'wet' or 'dry' lung water rescue and resuscitation to be performed.
    • Various thoracic foaming, bleeding and vomiting effects can also be produced. 
Brand Ruth Lee / LifeCast
Shipping Weight 18000 kg
Shipping Width 85
Shipping Height 75
Shipping Length 110
Shipping Cubic 0.3
Unit Of Measure 1
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
ALS Toddler Water Rescue
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