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FireWare - Pandora's Box


Pandora: a multi-sensory simulator.

  • A complete “exercise box” for all kinds of scenarios
  • Simply address multiple senses
  • Equipped with light and 6 sound effects
  • Includes Cirrus smoke machine. (Can supply without, contact us for a quote.)
  • Wireless remote control for switching on and off the flame effect, light and the optionally connected smoke machine.
  • Equipped with powerful battery pack
  • Including a plastic box measuring 40cm x 30cm x 23.5cm
  • Includes aerosol of 'burning smell', to really create an authentic experience. 

Quickly and easily set up a complete exercise which will use sight, sound and smell.  The Pandora creates a realistic flame effect, sound effects and even smoke. It works on a battery and can be wirelessly operated with a compact remote control.

Light Effects

Two powerful LED flame luminaires – a red one and an orange one – are mounted on the Pandora. Each luminaire can be set separately to the machine by the way it flashes. There are more than 256 simulation possibilities. By hiding the Pandora and installing a smoke machine, a realistic flame image is created. The flame simulation also gives a realistic fire sound when it is started up.


Sound is extremely important during an exercise. The Pandora gives this sense the attention it deserves. In addition to the fire sound, there is also a fluid leak, an explosion, gas leakage, collapse, sniffing and a crying baby. And you don’t have to choose: the Pandora can also play all sounds at the same time, or create a mix: all with one simple remote control. Of course, the desired volume can also be set on the Pandora itself.


The Pandora has a connection option for various smoking machines, including the Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus and Nimbo. The same wireless remote control can now operate the flame, sound and smoke effect. The box of the Pandora even has a storage compartment for a Cirrus battery smoke machine, which is deal for turning exercises off in areas where there is no power supply or where the power supply is disconnected during the exercise. Think of exercises on ships, in cells or in buildings designated for demolition.

Remote Control

There is nothing more annoying than an instructor who walks to the incident during the exercise to turn machines on or off. The functions of the Pandora are therefore wirelessly controllable with the remote control provided. This compact remote control has a range of approx. 100 meters, depending on the construction of the object in which you are working.


The Pandora is equipped with a powerful battery for hours of exercise fun (over 6 hours). This battery provides for the sound effects and flame effects. The connected smoke machines work on its own battery. Of course, the Pandora comes standard with a high-quality C-tek battery charger.


The Pandora is made of high-quality stainless steel in a standard euronorm crate of 40x30x30x23.5 cm. This ensures that the machine is well protected during storage, transport and operation. The electronics are fully encased to prevent (moisture) interference. All connectors, knobs and other components are of high industrial quality. That is why the Pandora has a warranty of no less than 2 years!

*NOTE* - This product ships from Europe, please allow 2-4 working weeks to arrive.


Shipping Weight 8000 kg
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
FireWare - Pandora's Box
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