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CPR Rescue


CPR training is usually carried out in a well-lit, carpeted classroom with plenty of space - how would your staff manage in a confined space or other difficult circumstances such as a road traffic collision (RTC) or if the manikin was trapped by the legs! Would they even be expecting to carry out CPR outside of a classroom? If you introduced this manikin into a routine training exercise what effect would it have - it would certainly make them stop and think and would definitely test their preparedness!

This is the perfect dummy for LVR (Low Voltage Rescue) training.

If you have your own CPR Torso (plastic chest), select either the 13kg or 43kg from the right. If you would like us to supply the Torso, select either the 20kg or 50kg. 

We use the Practi-Man Plus Wireless Feedback CPR Torso. It can be used as an Adult or Child Manikin with an inbuilt chest clicker. Adult, Child & Neutral positions. Realistic head tilt & chest rise, nose pinch. Lightweight & portable. Can be used with any AED Trainer.


FEATURES & BENEFITS Our full-bodied CPR manikin will accept most CPR torsos you may already have - the models shown incorporate the CPR manikin as standard. (Torso sleeve size 40cm wide, 60cm high.) Torsos are not fixed and can easily be removed for cleaning. A padded jacket is supplied to protect the torso and to aid installation and removal from the carcass.

Now constructed in Polyester: conforms to BS EN ISO 6330), OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 - the new material is tough, safe to handle and very easy to clean. Adult sized at 1.8m for realistic training. These manikins totally eliminate the risk of the pinching associated with the joints of the plastic full-bodied manikins Supplied with replaceable, washable protective overalls.

Supplied in a tough storage/carrying holdall, making storing and handling the manikin far easier - they also protect and keep the manikins clean when not in use.
Brand Ruth Lee / Practiman Plus
Shipping Weight 13000 kg
Shipping Width 65
Shipping Height 30
Shipping Length 106
Shipping Cubic 0.208
Unit Of Measure 1
CPR Rescue
CPR Rescue
CPR Rescue
CPR Rescue
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