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Jason's Cradle® - Stretcher Kit

Product SKU: JC-STRETCH-1580-2
Jason’s Cradle® STRETCHER'S are proven to aid in the safe and speedy recovery of personnel in the preferred horizontal position.

Casualty Recovery • Body Recovery • Diver Support We do not keep these in stock as they are all built to order, please allow 10-30 days for delivery.  

3 Versions available:

  • 1.94m long
  • 1.58m long, 2 leg strop
  • 1.58m long, 3 leg strop

The horizontal recovery position assists in enabling the casualty’s blood to remain in the upper torso helping to minimise the potentially fatal effects of Circum Rescue Collapse or hydrostatic squeeze. The design and construction of the Jason’s Cradle® Recovery Stretcher gives it a two-person lift capability. In addition to its use in the commercial marine sector, the Jason’s Cradle® Recovery Stretcher is also in use with militaries around the world. 

  • Rungs: - Delrin 100T High Tensile Plastic
  • Centre/End Caps: - Polyethylene LDPE & HDPE
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Link Components
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners used throughout
  • SOLAS certification
  • 1 tonne WLL lifting strops
  • Floatation Tubes
  • Tensile tested in excess of 1 tonne. 
Brand Jason's Cradle
Shipping Weight 42.0 kg
Jason's Cradle® - Stretcher Kit
Jason's Cradle® - Stretcher Kit
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