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Thermal Imaging Hood

Product SKU: RLNWTH6


Our Thermal Imaging Hood was designed to meet the growing demand for thermal capabilities with our products - it is designed to fit over the head of any Ruth Lee Water Rescue Manikin and has been extensively tested with assistance from the experts at Bristow Search and Rescue UK.

Ideal For The Following Training Scenarios:
When someone goes into the water, it is essential that teams are able to quickly locate that person. Thermal Imaging is an increasingly important skill for search and rescue teams who use helicopters and drones to locate casualties.

Our Thermal Imaging Hood meets the requirements of this training and can be worn over the top of any LifeTec Adult Water Rescue Manikin. It is designed to fit snugly over the top of the manikin head, meaning it will stay in place in rough waters and will retain heat for up to 4 hours (depending on the ambient water temperature).

A Product Designed For:
  • Naval vessels and coastguards
  • Search and Rescue Teams, including mountain rescue and USAR.
  • Police Departments.
  • Offshore installations.
  • Any team who use helicopter or drones as part of aerial search and rescue over the sea.
Shipping Weight 5000 kg
Thermal Imaging Hood
Thermal Imaging Hood
Thermal Imaging Hood
Thermal Imaging Hood
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