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FireWare - Vesta Flange


The add-on Flange Fire is an accessory for the FireWare Vesta. The Flange Fire is an active attachment. This means you can attach this to the Vesta’s extra exit. Ignition will subsequently take place via the Vesta by directing the gas outflow towards the burning Vesta.

The add-on Flange Fire offers challenging OGS training. Closing the gas tap shuts off the gas supply simulated, the instructor releases the pinch handle, and the exercise is successful!

The clever design allows for this attachment to be easily packaged and moved in the plastic box supplied. The box has very handy transport measurements of 60 x 40 x 44 cm. Produced using top quality stainless steel.

  • Can be positioned alongside and on top of the Vesta.
  • Will be connected to the Vesta’s extra gas exit.
  • With a closable gas valve.
  • Top quality stainless steel.
  • Including a plastic box measuring 60*40*44 cm.


Shipping Weight 20000 kg
FireWare - Vesta Flange
FireWare - Vesta Flange
FireWare - Vesta Flange
FireWare - Vesta Flange
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