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Helicopter Load Bag

Product SKU: HELI

To transport equipment via helicopter and/or sea going tug, to incidents off-shore in a compact and easily manageable bag.


  • 7oz Pu Nylon outer covering
  • 10mm Plastozote Foam sandwich
  • 4oz Pu Nylon inner
  • PVC Nylon base
  • Heavy Duty Glass Fibre tray
  • 8mm Heavy duty zip
  • 48mm Heavy duty webbing / 26 KN *
  • DMM - Steel Karabiner.
  • Length - 915 mm
  • Width - 635 mm
  • Height - 635 mm
  • SWL - 100Kg - LOLAR Certificate available upon request

DMM Steel Karabiner secured to the webbing straps 550 mm above the top of bag. Karabiner attached to a 3m x 50 mm webbing strap.


The base of the helicopter loading bag is constructed in two parts, an inner and outer. The outer base (bottom tray) is constructed with large radii corners to avoid damage to helicopter flooring with sharp angular comers. Size is 635 mm x 915 nominal 8 gauge manufactured from Carbon Kevlar.
The inner part of the base is constructed of 6mm ply measuring 610 mm x 870mm. The bases are secured through the bottom of the bag and through the webbing straps by steel bolts with Nylock nuts.

Carrying Handles

Six reinforced easy grab handles are secured around lower half of bag to assist in manual transference of equipment.

One 48 mm x 3 m webbing strap for securing or dragging purposes is secured at one end with leather fastenings and can be stored into a zipped pocket when not in use.

Two 48 mm heavy-duty webbing straps which extend 550 mm above top of bag excluding karabiner for use in helicopter transference of equipment. Each strap is of double thickness for extra strength and continues underneath bag where they are bolted through from base for extra security.

Between each strap, reinforcement has been inserted to minimise spin of bag whilst undergoing transportation. Each strap carries a DMM Steel Karabiner.

DMM Steel Karabiner
Material Standard Finish Rated Strength Size Gate Opening Weight
Carbon Steel Zinc Plated 45KN 126x74mm 23mm 280g

This karabiner's wide gate opening and excellent wear resistance makes it particularly suitable for clipping onto steel safety lines or attachment points. It is also of use in any situation where a large internal volume is required; however, as with all Karabiners it is only suitable for loading in two directions along the spine.
The Lock safe - The triple action of the innovative Lock safe mechanism significantly reduces the chance of accidental gate opening and is a major step forward in improving the safety of automatic locking Karabiners.

The Karabiner is a DMM Steel Karabiner (Gold) Super Strength, generally accepted throughout the World as being the strongest and most wear resistant available. All "Gold Standard" Karabiners have exceptionally high strength due to their being manufactured from the very highest quality alloy steels and carefully "through" heat treated. These features make them ideally suited to applications where high strength (way above the minimums as laid down in International standards) is of paramount importance.

Rubbing Band

A 200 mm rubbing band is stitched to the bottom of the bag manufactured from black PVC Nylon.


All seams are double stitched.

Label Pouches

Two A4 clear label pouches are incorporated into the loading bag for easy insertion and removal of A4 size labels.


The overall colour of the bag is High Visibility Orange, the rubbing band and webbing straps are black.


To be decided by the customer. The relevant Manual handling regulations symbol will be attached in a highly visible section of the bag.

Shipping Weight 3000 kg
Helicopter Load Bag
Helicopter Load Bag
Helicopter Load Bag
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